About Us


The Dazzurious™ mission is to provide access to superior quality hair and beauty products that will help customers enhance their beauty as much or as little as their hearts desires, while providing incomparable customer service.



Everyone deserves to look and feel Dazzurious – dazzling and luxurious. I established this brand to share my excitement of all things beauty with the rest of the world. Dazzurious™ is starting out with hair extensions, hair accessories, skincare and some other beauty enhancers such as eyelashes and lip products. However, Dazzurious™ WILL expand with more beauty enhancers. I like sleeping well and protecting my hair and face in the process. Hence, some of the items I plan to make available for my customers involves protecting one’s hair and face while sleeping…and that’s all I will reveal for now…sshhh…stay tuned! I am looking forward to this beauty enhancing adventure and hope you will choose to become my customer and embark on this venture with me.

CEO, Dazzurious™